According to Harvard Business Review, big companies starting businesses from scratch has become a big deal.


  • Google’s restructuring into Alphabet highlighted just how much the company is spending on new businesses, from self-driving cars to space exploration and more.
  • Ford recently announced that a unit called Ford Smart Mobility, headquartered in Silicon Valley, will build new businesses like car-sharing and parking-locator apps.
  • David Kenny, the new head of IBM’s Watson, defines that business as “AI (artificial intelligence) as a service,” a central part of the data analytics market that IBM CEO Virginia Rometty says is a $2 trillion opportunity.
  • Amazon began publicizing financial results for Amazon Web Services, which generated an amazing 67% of Amazon’s operating income in the first quarter of this year although it represents less than one-tenth of Amazon’s total revenue.

In each case, we see large companies creating new core businesses and incrementally expanding their existing core or diversifying through acquisition. We seek to help such clients on the buy and sell sides in assessing synergistic opportunities from mergers and acquisitions and how those synergies can create value.


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